Mountain West Workers Free Clinic
Thomas M. Horiagon, MD MOccH --President

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In my independent medical practice, your can expect individualized, compassionate, expert evaluation and treatment.  Your health, dignity, function, and comfort are my priorities.  In many cases, employers, insurers, and company physicians may dispute your choice of preferred treatment but I consider it part of my mission to advocate for your legitimate health concerns irrespective of the agendas of those third parties.  Using the facts established about your claim, medical literature review, and logic, I work to establish work-relatedness of health conditions to a reasonable degree of medical certainty so that treatments are not unduly delayed by causation disputes.  Please note that employer-mandated drug screening, pre-employment testing, and urgent care are not services I offer.  Consultations to corporations about worker population occupational health issues, occupational respiratory disorders, and fatigue risk management are available by special arrangement.